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Our Journey

HERO NEW YORK was born out of the childhood story of our founder, Alissa Lentz. A first-generation immigrant from Russia, Alissa struggled to fit in, but when a friend drew a superhero inside Alissa’s backpack, a hero ignited in her.

Now Alissa wants everyone who might think they don't fit in to feel like a superhero. So in every HERO NEW YORK backpack, she places a collectible trading card of a hero from history to show kids that you can change the world, no matter where you've come from.  


Alissa Lentz, Founder & Chief Executive Hero

Alissa graduated from Chapman University in 2011 with degrees in business and public relations. A desire to help kids find confidence led Alissa to a social entrepreneurship course, where she revisited her childhood experience to create HERO NEW YORK.   

Carmen Ortiz, Creative Direction & Design Hero

After graduating from Parsons' design program, Carmen worked in technical handbag design positions at Charming Charlie, Henri Bendel, and Noah Waxman. Growing up in a Mexican-American family in the southern United States, Carmen experienced similar struggles in her childhood. So she teamed up with Alissa in 2015 to design HERO NEW YORK's debut collection.  

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