Be a #HeroForHope
Buy 1 backpack, and we'll send a HERO full of supplies to a school impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.
Backpacks of all colors and styles, as well as pencil cases, will support hurricane releif efforts. 

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In addition to supplies, the victims of the storms need hope. Each HERO backpack comes with a card that tells an inspiring story of a hero. 

Strong role models move us to stay strong. Stories are a powerful way to spread hope.

We want to give a hero to each child who needs one. 

Moved by the devastating images of Hurricane Harvey, we launched this initiative while much of Houston was still underwater. We asked New Yorkers to write a letter of hope that we put inside each backpack as well. A video summary is below: 

We partnered with Houston-based nonprofit the Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation to provide backpacks and school supplies to families displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

“Being downtown Houston, Harvey literally hit home for us. The chaos of a national disaster puts children at a high risk for anxiety and depression. Partnering with HERO gives us the opportunity to uplift these children in their time of greatest need, while providing a product of dire need,” said Taylor Darnell, Founder & President of RAAF.

Want to support, but already have a backpack? 

You can purchase one directly for a child in Houston, and HERO will send two backpacks on your behalf. Just put the RAAF address, listed below, in the shipping section at checkout. 

RAAF 405 Main St., Houston, Texas 77003 

About RAAF:

RAAF was founded in memory of Rick Anthony, who passed away at the age of 17, a victim of a hit and run drunk driver. As a Texas State Champion Wrestler, Rick was an all-star athlete. While he excelled in athletics, he struggled in academics, due to Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder. Never one to let this diagnosis hold him back, Rick inspired strength in everyone around him. With his spirit, RAAF advocates for children struggling with learning disabilities. In Rick's words: Dream big, Live bigger. 

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Additional Giving:

Before Hurricane Harvey hit, we partnered with nonprofits to support Equality & Education programming by pledging 10% of profit.  

In addition to sending a backpack to a child in Houston with each purchase, we will continue to support our additional partner organizations during our #HeroForHope efforts. 

This means that in addition to giving a HERO to a child who needs one, 10% of your purchase supports one of the programs below.

(Making you a super-HERO!) 

Photo by @StoryAndGoldPhoto

With a firm belief in equality for all, we work toward a world where we all have access to the education and resources necessary to pursue our dreams. To help create this world, we dedicate 10% of profit to equality and education programs. 

Our current education partner is She’s the First, which fights gender inequality through education. She's The First supports girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students everywhere to be global citizens. 

Sincd 2010, She's The First has created: 
  • 2,674 Scholarships
  • 923 Scholars
  • 244 Graduated Scholars
  • 225 Campus Chapters
  • 200 Campus Alumni
Our current equality partner is the Speak Truth to Power human rights program by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights; which teaches youth around the world how to speak out against injustice.

Photo by @ScotterPop_ 

Local Giving: 

In the 2016-2017 school year, we partnered with High School of the Fashion Industries (HSFI), a New York public school where 76% of the students live below the poverty line, yet 91% of students graduate and 82% continue on to college. 

At HSFI, we taught workshops, sponsored a design competition, brought entrepreneurs & industry leaders to the school for a panel discussion, and donated product. 

In the photo above: HERO's founder Alissa Lentz (right) holds the winning mood board for the HSFI backpack design competition with student designer, Maggie. 

To nominate other schools or education-based nonprofit organizations for us to partner with, please email info@herobackpacks.com.

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